Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 6 Alone

Times when I miss Dr. J the night when I have no one to talk to.  I mean really just how much TV can a person watch?  Sure I could be cleaning or transcribing but sometimes you just want to veg..and have someone to talk to.  I've been compensating by calling one of my sisters three times a day.  I'm pretty sure she does not appreciate it.  What can I do though, my other sister is in Peru and my third sister refuses to answer the phone.  Hello Flo, we have T-mobile so the minutes are free...and you don't have a job.  Yes you have school but seriously girl that is twice a week.  Throw your older sister a bone.  ANSWER THE PHONE!  The other time I really miss Dr. J is when I'm cooking.  Alright most nights he isn't even here for that but Sunday nights he usually is and let me just say today I could have used his help.  Golly gee Peach was a pill.  She alternated between wanting to be held, wanting to be put down.  The intermediate was clinging to my legs and screaming.  It made getting dinner together difficult.  I'm seriously contemplating just doing green smoothies from here on out until my husband makes an appearance.  It would certainly be easier!!!

Today I didn't:
do any transcription...I'm really on a funk on this
read my scripture yet, I'll try to get that done before I go to bed
wash dishes
feel any sympathy for my husband over his Step 2 score, he did great, the fact that he isn't satisfied just proves perfectionism is a curse and not a blessing

Today I:
continued reading the Dopple Ganger Chronicles to the kids, they are loving it
made salmon for dinner
talked to my husband five times on the phone, he rotation doesn't start until tomorrow and he is bored, plus he wanted to keep telling me what a pain Portland was...thanks Sweetie
did my first guitar lesson today, need to get some picks in the morning
managed to get three kids through church all by myself, it was a miracle!
put away all the clothes I had to rewash, captain E got a weird rash all over his chest and back after we got home, I suspect it might be the new laundry detergent I was trying, but who knows

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