Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Years Old and a New Favorite

I only have a few more days in my 20s.  Crazy.  Thirty years old, I am moving into a new decade.  What can you do?  Time moves on.  I'm excited for this next phase in my is coming to a close, a real job is looming, a house, a dog, maybe one more kid is in the future.  I'll miss the good skin of my twenties.  I've noticed as I get closer to thirty the wrinkles don't disappear as fast but I'm still excited for the future.  To celebrate I'm having a little get together.  If you are in Utah and want to stop by to wish me good luck on the beginning of 30 I'll be having a get together:

October 17, 2010
4555 Windsor Circle, Cedar Hills, Utah 84062

Stop by, it should be fun.  On an unrelated note I am loving Law and Order: UK.  Thank you BBC America and in laws who pay for cable.  I saw my first episode when I was ten years old (thank you grandpa) and thought the concept was brilliant.  Twenty years later I still love it.  The last ten years or so I've really gotten in to all things European (Elizabeth George, Ian Rankin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr. Who, MI5, etc.) I love the stuff.  Law & Order:UK combines my two loves...I mean of course after my hubby and children :)

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