Friday, November 27, 2015

My Favorite X-Files Episodes

When I heard that Fox was going to be releasing six new episodes of my all time favorite show the X-Files I committed myself to watching them all again.  I'm somewhere stuck in the ninth season and honestly I just don't know if I can finish because I just don't like watching Agent Doggett that much but I thought since I'm mostly done (I moved to a new place, have a husband who works really long hours, and have pretty much just one friend) I thought I'd give you the run down.  I always knew I preferred the stand alone episodes, smoking man and aliens just weren't my thing, which is kind of ironic because I suspect the six new episodes will focus heavily there, but this is proof of that preference.  I had forgotten how funny this show was, true it was a dark humor, but it definitely had a comedic aspect to it and those stand alone episodes were some of the funniest.

Season 1
Episode 3-Squeeze
This is about a guy who can stretch his body impossibly far who hibernates and then comes out every thirty years to eat people's livers.  I think you get a pretty good idea here that no one is ever going to believe Mulder.  The bile moment is the best.

Episode 11-Eve
Two little girl's who look to be twins have father's who die in an identical manner at the same time.  Those little girls are seriously creepy!

Episode 20-Darkness Falls
Both loggers and environmentalist bent on stopping them get trapped by an old world insect that swarms when the lights go out.  This one isn't really funny but for some reason I find myself thinking about it often.

Season 2
Episode 14 - Die Hand die Verletzt
Mulder and Scully investigate a town apparently full of devil worshipers.  I like the surprise twist at the end.

Episode 20 - Humbug
Mulder and Scully investigate murders in a small town in Florida where people from side show acts go on the off season or to retire.  There is an interaction with a hotel clerk here that is priceless.

Episode 23 - Soft Light
I'm a huge fan of the show Monk.  This probably explains why I liked this episode so much.  A scientist is literally afraid of his own shadow.

Episode 24 - Our Town
Mulder and Skully investigate a meat packing plan after residents keep disappearing.  Made me reconsider eating chicken for a few days.

Season 3
Episode 4 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Response
A man with psychic powers helps investigate the deaths of other psychic.  This is probably my second favorite episode.  The humor is so dry and there is a scene with Scully and the psychic that cracked me up.

Episode 6 - 2Shy
A man uses the internet to stalk his victims.  I seriously wondered if it would be possible for someone to just suck my own fat off.

Episode 12 - War of the Coprophages
A town is seemingly under attack by cockroaches.

Episode 13 - Syzygy
Mean girls taken to a whole new level.

Episode 14 - Pusher
The agents try and capture a man who can convince people to do what he wants.  I enjoyed seeing Skinner get punched.

Episode 19 - Hell Money
Procurement of transplant organs done wrong, oh so wrong.

Episode 20 - Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'
A famous author researching UFO encounters talks with Scully about Mulder's odd behavior.  Very funny.  The pie eating is my favorite.

Season 4
Episode 2 - Home
Agents investigate a family of inbred farmers.  A lot of x-files are creepy but this one was particularly so!  Yuck, yuck!

Episode 4 - Unruhe
A man's mind eye is captured on film.  I like the ending.

Episode 5 - The Field Where I Died
Reincarnation.  Look I'm not sold on the idea of reincarnation and neither really are the writers because they never bring it up again but I enjoyed this particular episode a lot.  It is a little haunting.

Episode 11 - El Mundo Gira
Migrant worker deaths are attributed to El Chupacabra.  I often think of this episode when I'm cleaning out the Tupperware in my fridge.

Episode 12 - Leonard Betts
A headless man walks out of the morgue.  Did anyone else use to watch ER.  Seriously why isn't ER on netflix?

Episode 20 - Small Potatoes
A man can change his form to look like anyone else.  Funny, funny, funny!  A must see Scully/Mulder interaction.

Season 5
Episode 3 - Unusual Suspects
Anytime the Lone Gunman are around laughter will follow.  This episode shows their original meeting.

Episode 5 - The Post-Modern Prometheus
Small town in Indiana, the whole episode is done in black and white, the great Mutato.  There is a lot to love about this episode.  Probably the chicken lady is my favorite.

Episode 12 - Bad Blood
After Mulder kills a boy suspected of being a vampire the agents each recount their own version of events that lead to the shooting.  This is my all time favorite X-Files episode.  It has been since the first time I watched X-files and it still doesn't disappoint.

Season 6
Episode 3 - Triangle
Mulder ends up on a 1939 luxury liner trapped in the Bermuda triangle.  It is Scully and Mulder and Nazis.  Of course I would love it.

Episode 4-5 Dreamland Part 1 and 2
Mulder switches bodies with a stranger at area 51.  This is the second time you see Mulder try to put the moves on Scully.  They will go back and reference these episode a couple of times in future episodes.  They also reference Mulder's proclivity for pornography here.  I know they reference it more than once but this is one time I remember it.  I only bring it up because I think it is interesting that following this show David Duchovny went to a show where he played a man with a sex addiction.  His real life wife ended up leaving him during this time citing as one of her reasons for leaving, his real life addiction to porn.  It's actually kind of sad but in this particular episode it is portrayed with humor.

Episode 8 - The Rain King
A man's moods determine the local weather.  Super sweet.

Episode 14 - Monday
Think groundhog day and a bank robbery.  Que first dreamland reference.

Episode 15 - Arcadia
Mulder and Scully go undercover to investigate the worst HOA ever.

Episode 17 - Trevor
A man can walk through walls after being left out in a storm.  I think this has the best bad guy death scene in the whole series.

Episode 18 - Milagro
Creepy writer voice overs.

Episode 19 - The Unnatural
Alien baseball players.  This episode is definitely in my top five.  It is funny and feel good and it even sort of talks about aliens :)

Episode 20 - Three of a Kind
More lone gunman.

I actually think this season overall was one of my favorites.  It also leads right up to the movie that is released.  They will reference the movie several times in the following seasons.

Season 7
Episode 3 - Hungry
A fast food employee has an insatiable appetite.

Episode 6 - The Goldberg Variation
Does anyone else watch White Collar?  The agents investigate a man who seems to have overwhelmingly good luck.

Episode 8 - The Amazing Maleeni
A magician seemed to magically lose his head.

Episode 12 - X-Cops
The x-files find their way onto the hit show Cops.

Episode 13 - First Person Shooter
The agents get sucked into a first person shooter game.  The Lone Gunman make an appearance.  Scully kicks butt.

Episode 19 - Hollywood A.D.
Skinner's screenwriter friend tags along on an investigation.  Tea Leoni makes a guest appearance. There is a great three way phone call.

Episode 20 - Fight Club
Mormon missionaries make a guest appearance as two woman who like identical seem to be cause chaos whenever their paths' overlap.

Episode 21 - Je Souhaite
A genie seems to be at the center of some impossible wishes.  Scully finally seems to believe and gets burned for it.

Okay so that is pretty much it.  Season 8 and 9 are fine.  I just didn't love them as much.  What can I say.  Seriously looking forward to January.  It is nice to have something in the winter to look forward to because man does winter get me down!


  1. Winter gets me down, too. The last couple of years we watched a lot of past White Collar seasons to get us through January. :)

    1. You should check out person if interest. It is helping me through winter :)

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