Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Doctor in the Doctor's House

I was helping Captain E with math today when Cheetah decided it would be fun to empty out our entire pepper shaker.  She then rubbed it all over the table, drew a bunch of pictures in it and spilled quite a bit on the floor.  I came out of the office and there may have been a little muttering or yelling as I removed her from the table and started sweeping the pepper up.  The problem is I didn't really think about what would happen next.  My daughter whose hands were still covered in pepper promptly touched her eyes and then she started to scream.  I turned to her and realizing what had happened yelled out, "Don't touch your eyes," as I crossed the living room but it was too late.  She had immediately started to rub both of them aggressively.  I grabbed her and took her to the sink, prying her hands away from her face.  At this point she was screaming.  I've actually never heard her so distraught.  I trust her hands under the water and then my hands and then I started scooping fistfuls of water into her eye.  Her screams cycled with whimpers and she frantically tried to get away.  This went on for probably five minutes then I put her sobbing on the floor with a towel and frantically called Dr. J while I searched online to see if I needed to take her to the doctor.  Guys Dr. J didn't answer.  I'm sure that he had much bigger emergencies going on but I'm not going to lie I muttered some swear words under my breathe.  I live with a doctor but very rarely do I actually get to benefit from that medical knowledge.  It can be a little frustrating.  Dr. Google though is always available and told me that she would probably be fine unless of course she scratched her corneas up with the grains of pepper.  I tried to get her to let me look but every time she tried to open her eyes her screams got louder, so I put her under the sink again.  This time I made sure the water was a little warmer and I had her face up toward the stream.  I let the water roll over her closed eyes and gently kept trying to ease them a little open so that water could get in.  We did this for another five minutes until her shrieks subsided.  Then I wrapped her in a towel and placed her on the couch.  She lay there for probably ten minutes with her eyes closed, exhausted.  Then she jumped off the couch and acted like nothing had ever happened.  I'm glad she is ok but wish I would have had my partner in crime to take care of this emergency.  I guess if I wanted to always have a doctor around I should have become one myself...


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