Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Library Fines

I owed $12 in library fines today, $12!  Four dollars were for a Ponyo video that I couldn't find the case for.  I checked the whole house.  I had the kids check the whole house then a couple days ago I found it in Gigi's library bag!  Her library bag!  There was also a Snoopy video that had gotten misplaced a couple books I forgot were due.  In general library fines make me a little crazy and there was even a moment where I thought, why the heck do I even bother with libraries, but then reality hit.  Guys I love the library.  I get so much value.  My kids read tons of books I don't have to buy as do I.  We get movies and now E even gets a new Wii game every other week to play.  I also get access to tons of digital stuff.  So far the only book I've ever bought for my kindle was The Martian and guys I don't think it was worth it.  Plus there are so many great programs held by the library.  I feel so lucky to have access to this great resource so I'm going to stop thinking about the fines as fines.  Instead I'm going to just start seeing them as donations to a non profit organization that I love and cherish.  I could pay thousands of dollars in fines and guys it would still be worth it!


  1. agreed!

    By the way, I miss your book reviews!

    1. They were starting to stress me out. I guess you could say more my book reading goals were stressing me out. I didn't write any while moving and then by the time I went to go back I'd forgotten a bunch of the books I was going to write up. Does anyone else do this? Read books and then turn them in and then for the life of you you can't remember what the titles were a few months later. Anyway I just kind of threw my hands up in the air, but maybe now that things are a little more settled I can at least mentions the ones I liked :)

    2. Oh, I don't want you to feel stressed about it! I do understand what you mean about feeling pressured about certain goals, and it's not like you haven't had much going on this year. ;)

      I just really enjoyed reading your thoughts on books, and actually found several of your favorites at my library to read this year. Yes, maybe just mention a few that you've really liked ... as time permits. Thank you!

      Have you read "Etched in Sand" by Regina Calcaterra? I finished it last night. My mom read it a month or so ago, and she recommended it. I could tell it made a big impression on her.

  2. So true! So often, just a change in how we think about something fixes it! Hurray for libraries!

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