Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sleep Collateral Damage

A lot of doctors don't sleep very much and when my husband is on his working weeks that is totally true about him as well.  For example he started working on Thursday.  Thursday he got home at 8:30, Thursday was a good day.  Friday he got home at 1:30 in the morning.  Saturday he was lucky and got home at 10:00 pm. Yesterday he was also lucky and got home at 8:30.  He helped me read stories to the kids and wash the dishes.  We were in bed by 10:00.  We'd been asleep about an hour when his pager went off.  The first time it went off though neither of us realized what it was.  We looked around for a sec and then fell back asleep.  Five minutes later it went off again.  "Babe I think that is for you?"  He sits up, turns the lights on and then makes a phone call.  "Dr. J here...ok yes...I would admit I need to come in...ok I will just put orders in from here."  Then he disappears downstairs to take care of business.  I have no idea when he came back to bed.  I had downloaded the audio of Mocking Jay and about fifteen minutes in I was out.  Then this morning I woke up to his alarm clock a half hour late.  That means he woke up a half hour late and the clock was still going.  He needed me to start talking to him to get him motivated to get up.  While he was putting on scrubs I pulled out my phone and checked facebook.  My friend Michelle is buying a new house in a new town.  I'm excited for her.  My friend Melanie gave me a toy review on Goldieblocks.  I got sucked into a clickbate and then almost got sucked into another and then realized it was probably a fishing scam.  He came out of the bathroom with his ipad and his electric razor.  "Hey babe, do you want me to turn the light off?"  "No, it's fine."  "Are you sure, I can just shut them off?"  "No, don't worry about it, I'm up."  See that's the thing about living with a person who doesn't get a lot of sleep, you don't get a lot of sleep either.  You are sleep collateral damage ;)


  1. oh no! Hope you get a good night's rest soon!

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