Monday, November 9, 2015

Cheetah Turns 4

Between Pumpkin carving and Trick-or-Treating we celebrate a birthday in this house.  This was the first time in probably four years that I didn't feel a huge ache over this birth, so there you go, it only took me four years to get over the post traumatic stress of having a premature baby.  Cheetah is four.  She is spunky and full of life.  She is still super tiny.  J measured her last week and she is two inches shorter than average.  Sorry kid I guess you take after your great grandmas.  She is my little buddy.  She loves boots and clothes.  She got this Cheetah outfit on her birthday morning.  Guess what, a new outfit on your birthday morning is an awesome idea.  Why had I never thought of that before?  She loves her siblings but she also loves bossing them around.  She loves doing preschool with me.  She loves playing with friends.  She loves cuddling with her mom and dad in the morning.  Cheetah loves to pray.  She always ask that her dad be kept safe even if he is sitting right in front of her.  She is totally adorable when she sings songs or recites scriptures.  Her current favorite song is Macklemore's Downtown.  I'd add the link but unfortunately I didn't realize how many curse words were in it until I played it for Dr. J on youtube.  On the radio luckily they have a cleaned up version.  Maybe I should get it for her at Walmart or something.  She seriously loves it.  She also loves Ghosttown by Adam Lambert.  She is a huge fan of animals, dogs and horses are her current favorite.  She loves the two boys that live on our block.  Jake and Nate are her favorite although every once in while she gets in a mood and will yell at them to go away when they come knock on the door looking for her.  She is a total daddy's girl.  She also has some less favorable habits.  This girl is a little crow.  She is constantly seeing little pretties and stashing them in secret stashes throughout our house.  I mean you just never know what is going to go missing and where you might end up finding it.  She also takes her shoes off every time we are driving anywhere.  Guys I can't even explain how crazy that drives me especially as we are heading into winter.  There is nothing worse than pulling up somewhere, getting out of your warm car into the freezing air and realizing you have to re-shoe a kid before you can run inside.  Besides these annoyances though we will keep her.  Cheetah asked for a chocolate cake (she said it was everyone's favorite) with pink frosting and sprinkles.  Luckily I could manage that.  I have lot of friends who make really great cakes.  I've tried and usually mine are total failures, although my LSP cupcakes were pretty awesome, but luckily these kids don't seem to mind.  We also got her one gift besides the new outfit.  I had been walking through Costco the day before her birthday and saw a Bitty Baby American Girl kit.  She instantly loved it.  I put it on the bottom of my cart and told her we were getting it for her cousin.  Guys when you see something you like at Costco you need to snatch it then.  I went back three days later and they were completely sold out, so I was super lucky.  Two days later she got it and she was thrilled.  She named her doll Rosie and she loves taking care of her!  Happy Forth Birthday Cutie! 


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