Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Time to get some Lactase!

Three nights ago we ate some Strawberry ice cream before putting the kids to bed.  I paid dearly for that choice.  I knew almost immediately that my stomach was not happy with me and the pain just continued to build.  I lay in bed for several hours trying to fall asleep.  I got up and visited the Lou.  I put some panaway on my belly.  I wish I would have had some DiGize because people say that works for tummy-aches but I didn't have any.  I searched frantically for some Pepto Bismol.  I wondered allowed if throwing up would make me feel better.  Finally I went downstairs and sipped some Kombucha I keep on hand for stomach emergencies.  Usually it works fairly quickly.  This time it just didn't.  I lay in bed watching Murdoch Mysteries clutching my stomach, swearing off ice cream, and cursing my loving husband who was sleeping so soundly.  I have a tendency to be very hateful toward those who can sleep when I can't.  Finally at 2:30 I slipped away.  The next day I was talking with my sister who suffers from a lot of food intolerance and mentioned how annoying it was but how if it happened every time I would probably stop eating ice cream but since it doesn't I just can't stop.  She started to laugh.  "You do remember that last week you ended up having explosive diarrhea after taking a finishing off Cheetah's milk shake."  How the heck had I forgotten that.  So now I'm pretty convinced I do have a problem with ice cream I just don't eat it often enough to remember I end up in pain every time.  It may be time to get some Lactase.

On a completely unrelated body issue I am apparently terrible with mouth wash.  Dr. J likes using mouth wash so we always have it in our bathroom but I only like using it if I'm feeling sick.  This week my throat started to feel a little sore.  To try and stop a full blown sore throat from starting I decided to use a little mouth wash.  The first night I accidentally swallowed my mouthful.  I don't know how it happened, I just know I leaned back and my throat wasn't closed all the way and the wash just went straight down.  I'm not a drinker and so I'm not really used to the burn of alcohol.  I started sputtering and choking as the burning liquid went down.  Cheetah came running in to see what was wrong.  The second night I was more careful when I was gargling but then when I leaned over to spit into the sink the liquid hit the side with such force that it bounced back and hit me in the eye.  Had I not been instantly hopping around trying to get the alcohol out of my eye I probably would have been completely sicked out but I didn't have time to think about anything but my burning eye ball.  I'm thinking I need to take a break from mouth wash for awhile.


  1. Maybe Dr. J can give you tips on how to use mouth wash. Haha...those stories are great!

    Sorry about the ice cream intolerance, though!

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