Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pumpking Carving 2015

 Carving pumpkins, it just really isn't a job I enjoy that much.  The guts, guys pumpkin guts are gross.  They are super gross.  They are wet and sticky and they just feel disgusting, but I love eating baked pumpkin seeds and my kids love making Jack-o-lanterns so carve pumpkins we must.  Luckily my husband loves carving pumpkins and it is a job he has mostly taken on as his alone since I ended up on hospital bed-rest with Cheetah four years ago.  This year was no exception.  There are tons of pumpkin patches by us and it would have been fun to go to one but it was raining and we were at Fred Meyer so J picked these four out for the kids.  He pretty much just went for the biggest they had.  At the store we weren't able to get an accurate weight on them because the scale only went up to 30lbs.  When we got them home J dragged the bathroom scale on them, weighed himself and then weighed himself holding each pumpkin.  Two of these babies were more than 45lbs.  The third was 35lbs.  The last one was just a baby at 25lbs.  J will pretty much carve whatever the kids ask for.  He started by letting Cheetah draw a "face" on hers.  Turns out she was having way to much fun with the drawing part and he later had to just guess and what she was going at.  Captain E of course picked a creeper.  That is pretty much his favorite thing right now, mind craft, adventure time, legos, that sums him up pretty well.  Peach picked a scary face.  She then asked for a red marker because she wanted to put blood all around the mouth and wanted drips of blood coming around the cut marks at the tops.  Gigi was in a mood.  By the time she got the thing gutted she just could not/would not decide on a design.  So the pumpkin sat on our counter for three days while J started his work week again.  In that time it hatched a bunch of fruit flies and started to get mushy.  One day I tried to open up the lid and it looked like an episode of the x-files in there.  This weird little mold strings had formed in there and it looked like it was full of spider webs.  Creepy!  I took the whole thing and tossed it but it was too late the fruit fly invasion had started.  The rest of the pumpkins were ok on the porch for about a week and then they went downhill fast.  J and I actually scooped them up with a shovel and garbage bag Halloween Morning because we didn't want any unsuspecting kids to step in their gunk, although J briefly considered how awesome it would be if a teenager tried to chuck one or kick it, but cooler minds prevailed and they got tossed.  In case you were wondering the pumpkin seeds were delicious!

  This was not her pumpkin but she loved holding it, and yes I did consider cutting out some leg holes so she could sit in it but luckily cooler minds prevailed there as well.   

 Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't stain every white shirt we owned...oops!  The big got on there a little to late.  Also I know you love that my children are just sitting on the table.  Welcome to my life :)
 Yum, guts.  These girls didn't mind nearly as much as their mother and brother did. 

He is grouchy because he didn't want pumpkin getting on his shirt.  He got a lot happier once he took his shirt off.

 Dr. J at the helm!

 Mom I'm a pumpkin. 

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