Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Speaking of Adele...my music roundup this week!

So yeah I purchased the Adele 25 the day I heard Hello.  It was a two week wait but I finally have it.  For the most part I really enjoy it.  Hello is definitely my favorite but Send My Love, I Miss You, Love in the Dark, and Sweetest Devotion are close contenders.  I'm a little bummed that had I held out until it was in Target, the actual CD, I could have gotten three more songs, but seriously who even buys actually CDs anymore.  Ok technically we do, Dr. J saw a Lynard Skynard cd for $5 in Walmart last week and picked it up but in general almost all my music purchases are digital.  I've been toying with the idea of going old school and getting a record player because doesn't that just seem retro plus I've listened to about 100 NPR stories about how record quality is far superior but the truth is convenience runs supreme in my life and so yeah I just order downloads.

 Another of my favorites is this band Rabbit Wilde.  My sister introduced me when I was in Washington.  They are a local band that plays in her town twice a month but then I ordered their music and made her send me a t-shirt.  My three favorite songs are off their Album The Wild North, Burn the Wide Forest, Grace, and Running up the Coast but they just released a new Album so that list is bound to evolve.

 The other song getting a ridiculous amount of play at my house this week is Justin Bieber's, Sorry.  This song is totally my house cleaning song.  I dance through my sweeping and mopping in no time.  Am I a little embarrassed, perhaps, but that wouldn't keep me from going to see Bieber in concert. 

 Speaking of Justin do you watch James Corden's Carpool Karaoke?  I haven't seen one that hasn't made me laugh out loud but this one was honestly my favorite.  I'm going to pre-warn you at the end they talk about Justin's recent "full exposure" but it is pretty funny. 

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