Saturday, November 21, 2015

Link Ups

There is some great stuff on the internet today and I just don't want to overwhelm people on facebook.

Leroy Stolzfus ran a marathon in Harrisburg, Pa in his traditional Amish clothing.  We used to live by a lot of Amish in Illinois and every time I had a baby there was always an Amish woman also in labor, walking the halls with her bonnet and hospital gown on.  I respect that type of dedication.

Adele in an Adele impersonator completion.  Love the whole bum chin bit and her changing her voice to calm and slow.  Awesome, but 1:34 is my favorite along with 3:41.  Adorable, love it!

These mom got her friends together to start a foundation to bring baby carriers to refugees.  What a wonderful group of ladies.  It made me sad that the reporter had to mention there might be some backlash.

Check out this video about Adjunct Professors.  While tuition for college students continues to rise at an alarming rate colleges continue to cut pay for teachers and have more and more of the classes taught by adjunct professors.  We saw this happen with many of our friends.  Lots of people who planned on being professors just can not find the tenured positions that will give their families the security that you think this many years of education would lead to.

I want to be a panda nanny!

Where Syrian refugee children sleep.  Heart breaking but from a photography standpoint beautifully done.

Since Pheasant season started I pretty much wake to the sound of gun shots every morning .  Check out these dogs.  They look so serious but also like they are having a great time!

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