Monday, November 18, 2013


So my uber (oh man I swear I would never use that word) talented photographer friend is flying out to Washington to take family pictures of my sister's family next month.  I cannot tell you how much I want to go.  The Midwest in December...miserable.  Who doesn't want to take a kid free flight with a bestie to Portland and then spend three days combing Washington beaches for beach wood and good pics, while the rest of the midwest is stuck in frozen rain.  Well if you don't want to go, you are crazy? And I'm not crazy.  But of course Dr. J just moved back into a hospital rotation so no time off and he'll be on call.  OF COURSE!  So not only would I need to pay for a ticket but I'd also have to find someone to watch my children the entire time I was there, 24 hour care and pay for that.  I spent a good day just trying to figure out how to make it work, but I just could never get it figured out.  Such a bummer.  But it did make think about trips I'd love to take someday.  Don't get me wrong, I love traveling with my hubby and with my kiddos and we have some big trips planned for our future, even a really big one coming up relatively soon, but I do also recognize that a trip with kids is no vacation for momma so I think someday when we have the cash and Dr. J has a little more time to take on the child care duties or we live closer to our parents (oh how much I wish we lived closer to parents), well at that time maybe I'll get to take some girlfriend trips and here are some of the ones I want.

-I want to spend a few days in Seattle with my sisters.  Who doesn't love sisters, and who doesn't love the Northwest.  And yes Jessica I'd even let you come :)
-I want to do New York with my college roommates.  The city, the shows, the food, the girls.  It would be a blast.
-I want to go to Vegas and see the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert with my sister-in-law Emily.  I sort of feel like this needs no explanation.  
-I want to do Boston and Washington DC with my lovely Heather.
-I want to fly to the UAE with Nancy to go see Bridget.  
-Last I'd love to do a trip to France with Kara and maybe we could stop in Stockholm on the way to see Catrin.

You know, seems totally reasonable :)  

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  1. That's a modest enough list.

    I'd love to fly to the UAE with you--it would be a party in the UAE. ;)



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