Sunday, November 17, 2013

Using Our Christmas Card Wreath for Thanksgiving

This year I'm on the craft committee at my MOPS group.  Our goal is to come up with or find cute inexpensive crafts that any person regardless of their personal craftiness level can do.  This week we made a Christmas Card Wreath.  It was SUPER EASY!  All you need is a large embroidery hoop, glue (we used glue sticks), mini clothes pins, and ribbon.  We have 90 or so women in our group and I think all the supplies cost us $200.  So really, not bad at all!  You glue the clothes pins on.  You can measure it out or just eyeball it.  Then you tie the bow.  When your Christmas cards come in you just pin them on.  I was also thinking this would be a fun way to hold Advent Calendar cards.  Anyway until December gets here I told the kids we were going to put things we are thankful for up.  Gigi is the one who has gotten into it.  I had to beg her to leave a few pegs for everyone else but I'm glad she is a grateful girl.  Just so you know, "She's thankful for rubber bands."  Nice!  

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