Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sink Bath

So this happened today.  We were all sitting downstairs reading and Cheetah was sitting at the table eating some crackers.  At least we thought she was sitting at the table, but she was so quiet I started to get a little nervous.  I stood up and walked into the dinning room.  She was missing.  "Has anyone seen Cheetah?"  I got a resounding, "NOPE!"  My stomach started to knot up as I went looking.  As I cleared the top step I heard the gentle rush of running water.  I ran as I pushed into my bathroom and this is what I saw.  My daughter had climbed up into the sink and turned the water on.  This was not new, but this time she had pushed the plug in and because my sink is a single piece with no extra drain hole she was bathing in water and it was spilling all over the counter, onto the floor, and actually into the drawers and cabinets.  I quickly turned the water off and threw towels on the floor but then called Dr. J upstairs to snap this picture.  Oh man then I had to get to wiping up the water which considering the mess the counter was at that moment was not an easy task.  Please don't ask me how things get so cluttered...they just do.  Hey Stayfree I hope you enjoy this commercial!  You too Clorax, enjoy!  This girl was of course ecstatic and for one more time in my life I was grateful we had turned our heat down on our water heater.  Sometimes it is annoying to be stuck with luke warm water but on days like this I am so thankful we are!  I'm living with a tornado, one three previous children did not prepare me for.  She is so hyper aware of EVERYTHING!  She looks at things and thinks, how do I get up there, how did I get in there, how do I pull that down, get it out, eat it, break it, movie it.  When she was born they told us that 1 out of 2 preemies end up having ADHD.  Sometimes Dr. J and I just look at each other and give a little wink.  Whatever her future holds she definitely has a lot of energy and she sees adventure and trouble places no one else in this house ever has before.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, dear! Hahaha!

    I'm both terribly sorry and amused at the same time!

    And, seriously, your bathroom counters look great! Mine are often that cluttered as well! :)



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