Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family Scripture Study

Book of Mormon StoriesWith Dr. J working so many hours I feel like a lot of the pressure of teaching our children falls on me.  I'm the one who helps them with their homework, who taught them to read, who teaches them how to take care of household chores, etc.  I feel a lot of pressure when it comes to their spirituality as well.  With Dr. J always working I take them to church mainly by myself, I'm the one who does family home evening with them, who answers their gospel questions, who prays with them each day and at all their meals, and who by default is in charge of family scripture study.  We've tried many things to stay regular in family scripture study but the truth is I HATE IT!  I just do.  The kids run around like crazy people, they fight, they ignore me, they don't listen, they talk back.  It's nutso!  Lots of changes, but the results are always the same.  Then I read about my college roommate Heather's family scripture study.  She reads to the kids out of the scripture readers and the Friend during morning breakfast.  I decided to give it a whirl.  The only thing that would have to change is I would have to pack lunches the night before.  So I packed the kids lunches that night and then the next morning while they were all sitting around the table eating breakfast I read them a chapter out of the Children's Scripture Reader and then a story of the Friend.  Here is where I confess we don't even have a Friend subscription I just have it delivered to my iphone and I read it to them off that.  And FYI you could probably do the same thing with the scripture readers on your Ipad although my mom pawned all the ones she had from when I was a kid off on me a few vacations home ago so I have one for each book of scripture.  We've been doing it two weeks now and I love it.  The kids are quiet, they aren't fighting, they listen, they participate and ask questions and if by some chance I don't remember to read the Friend or haven't gotten the reader out when they sit down they call me over and ask me to read.  THEY ASK ME TO READ!!!!  CAN YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MONUMENTAL THAT IS? It makes me feel good to start my morning with them that way.  I find that my mornings are actually a lot less rushed because I've moved some of my morning task to the evening and the less rushed feelings definitely results in less contention around other things in the morning.  Thanks Heather for the wonderful idea!

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