Friday, November 29, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Thanksgiving has come and gone, although I still have a 22lb turkey in my fridge waiting to be cooked up, so there is that to look forward to.  Some friends from the ward (church) invited us over for dinner. The husband is also a resident and we both have four kids who match up almost exactly although they have a girl first and then three boys.  It was fun although I'm not going to lie, the kids probably could have been better.  This is the not the first time they've been together.  We've been doing babysitting exchange and usually they get along fairly well but there is a power struggle going on and sometimes watching it can be...painful.  Both our oldest want to lead the gang.  Neither one is willing to budge.  Sometimes there are fireworks :-/  Besides that little mini drama though things were pretty fun.  We ate a yummy dinner, had lots of delicious pies, played some soccer, and had adult conversation while the kids kept complaining we were laughing to loud and kept interrupting their movie.  I did a lousy job of taking pictures.  I just didn't think to snap very many.  I did get this shot of soccer.  Notice Captain E and Captain Z scrimmaging in the middle.  Oh my, and I also got a shot of the cute kids table they put together.  Seriously glad they did it at their house because it was much cuter then it would have been at ours.  Thanks for the invite Thomas family.

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