Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pea Pod Delivery Review

This last two weeks have been rough for me.  We've had illnesses on illnesses and some other health problems and my desire to leave the house is at an all time low.  For months we'd been getting coupon codes from pea pod grocery service trying to entice us to have our groceries delivered and when I looked at our quickly emptying shelves and thought about going to the grocery store I almost had a panic attack until I remembered a pea pod coupon in my junk drawer.  I sat down and in maybe fifteen minutes had ordered my entire list.  They had everything on my grocery list.  The prices were maybe a little higher, like not necessarily the sale price but about equivalent of normal prices.  They have sale items.  Chicken was cheaper then in my store this week.  They carry organic.  They have their store brand and they accept manufacture coupons.  The grand total for my list, 110, 85 after I used my $25 off coupon.  The price to deliver to my house, 6.99 although for the first 60 days I get free delivery.  I picked a delivery time, hit send,  and was done.  This morning I got a text during breakfast that my groceries were here.  Six boxes were on the porch.  I pulled them in and had them unloaded before the kids were on the bus.  It was AMAZING!!!   For me at this moment a real life saver.  I imagine that if I stuck to one Costco trip a month and this the rest of the weeks I would probably even save money because I wouldn't be tempted by random clearance items.  Maybe this month I'll test that theory out!  The one negative I see, you are stuck with the boxes until they pick them back up.  Right now they are hiding in my guest room :)

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