Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Danger of Round Batteries

A few months ago I had a major scare when I found a small round battery in Cheetha's mouth. The kids had these finger flashlights, one had gotten broken, and the three batteries inside were missing. She had one in her mouth and I had no idea where the other two were. I called down to Dr J and he said, "Take her to the ER now." So I took her. I walked in to the intake room and they asked me what I was there for. "Um, there is a chance my daughter might have swallowed a round battery." I was back with the doctors immediately. They took my information, rolled in a portable X-ray machine and within ten minutes we knew she was clear. We were all so relieved! I came home and tossed everything I could find with a round battery. They are so dangerous to little ones. They easily fit in a baby's mouth and can be swallowed. Once inside they just created a nightmare. A friend shared this video yesterday and I cringed when I thought of how close we came to having this be us. Be safer then me and really watch out for these. It is so not worth having them around!

1 comment:

  1. So scary. I'll be checking our house for these as well.



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