Monday, November 25, 2013

Shows I'm Watching Right Now

So we don't have cable, shoot we don't even have regular TV, but we do have Netflix, there is Hulu, and we can watch PBS online and the thing is we watch plenty of TV.  Here are some of my favorites right now.
Almost Human-on Hulu
So this is a new show.  There are only two episodes but so far I AM LOVING IT!  A human detective with an almost human cyborg partner.  It sounds totally cheese or delicious if you are a sci-fi girl but I love cop shows and I love sci-fi and I love it.  Hoping it lives up to my hype and doesn't get cancelled after this first season :(

Ripper Street-Netflix
There are only six episodes of this but it is lovely.  1889 England right after the Jack the Ripper murders.  Once again...cop show!

Deadliest Catch-Netflix
This is a discovery show, narrated by Mike Rowe (we got into this after we finished dirty jobs which we also loved).  It follows a group of crab fishermen.  I cannot explain to you my obsession with this show.  It is the same thing every episode, sea, crabs, ice, rough men, but there is something about these guys that just pull at me heart strings, and I watch every season hoping they'll all stay alive.  I'm a weirdo.  

Auction Kings-Netflix 
If you were into Pawn Star, Storage Wars, or Antiques Road show this just might be up your alley.  People bring stuff in to sell and you get to learn a little of the history and then watch the crazy, and I do mean crazy psychology of auction buying.  

This is a Canadian produced Sci-fi about a cop from the future getting stuck back in our time.  Once again, cops and sci fi.

The Closer-Amazon Prime
A southern cop finds herself the chief of a LA squad.  You have to not get annoyed by southern accents to watch this one because there is a whole lot of ya'all going on.  Also the name Fritzy will get on your nerves by the end but I still liked it.

Justified-Amazon Prime
Another cop show but something about a cut jaw and a cowboy hat, yum, yum.

Once Upon a Time-Hulu
Dr. J and I are still watching this together.  It is still ok. I really want to check out the new Alice in Wonderland one though and see if I like it more.  Might be worth it.  

Brooklyn 99-Hulu
So I really can't explain to you how much I hate Andy Sandberg but sometimes I just want to laugh and I can't lie, this dumb show has kept me laughing.  

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