Monday, November 25, 2013

A Superhero For Worms

A few days ago it rained and our driveway was covered in worms looking for a good place to go.  Peach was in a tizzy.  "Mom, someone has got to save these worms before they get dried up into crispy critters and I'm that someone."  She then proceeded to run around collecting standed worms and tossing them back into the grass.  Some were tiny and some were HUGE!  It did not matter.  She just kept picking them up and throwing them.  "Hey little wormie, you are so squish, slimy, and (wait for it) ADORABLE!"  I thought she was pretty darn adorable.  You don't expect to see you little girl playing worm rescuer but that's what my little one was doing.  Maybe we'll make a scientist out of her yet!

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