Monday, November 4, 2013

Ringling Sisters

 Sometimes being a family of six I feel like I live in a literal circus.  The noise, the crazy, the laundry.  I feel like all we need is a tent and we could start selling tickets.  It doesn't hurt the fantasy that this kind of behavior is the norm.  "Hmm, a rocking horse, I bet I could stand on it," says every kid in my family on a daily basis, and this includes Cheetah although her single rider attempts were thwarted by mom rather then recorded for future consumption.  I'm thinking that showing them "Wild Heart's Can't Be Broken" would probably be a mistake.  Speaking of that movie who doesn't have it on their favorite list?  Romance, horses, enough said.  Anyway these antics are pretty much the norm.  I can't tell you how many Sunday's I've walked by the primary room and seen Gigi hanging from one item or another.  Seriously people...a circus!

1 comment:

  1. :) I feel like I live in a circus sometimes, too. That or a zoo. Or a barn.



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