Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Boy Is Back Again

It has been a month since I sent my husband back home and today he is returning.  We have missed that guy.  A couple of days ago we were having a family conversation via speaker phone.  Peach pipes up..."I think you and dad need to stop fighthing and have some alone time where you talk soft and nice to eachother."  This cracked everyone up.  "Baby," I said, "I think she thinks we are separated."  The weird thing is I don't even know where she would even have heard about such a thing as separated so it was so bizzare.  Then we had to poll our other kids.  "Do we fight a lot?" we asked them.  "No," Captain E said, "Well almost never, I mean sometimes you do when you get in a mood but when you are in a mood everyone better watch out."  Thanks babe!  Then G said, "Well you used to argue when dad played his game but now that he quit you guys never fight."  It isn't that we never firght...I'm sure we still argue, I mean after all you are talking about two oldest children who got married but in general we get along pretty well.  Sometimes I worry we are turning into the same person...worry for our kids because who needs to be stuck with twinner parents.  We are glad to be seeing him again.  He doesn't get in until late at night but I'm considering taking the kids with me since we are leaving for a job interview the next morning.  I'm thankful I found this man and I'm grateful he's the father of my children.  To be honest there are few people I like enough to spend this much time with...I feel like I hit the jackpot one I like as much as I like him liked me enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me!



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