Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post Interview Thoughts

Last night after a community tour and Dr J's interviews we went out to dinner with the department head, his wife and two other local physicians and their wives.  The restaurant was this interesting mix of Spanish and eclectic hipness.  The food was mostly steak and fish with duck thrown in for good measure.  I had steak that came out on a sizzling rock.  I'd slice off a piece and sear each side before eating.  My potatoes were heavenly and had two large prawns for garnish. The asparagus was perfect.  The tragedy of the night was I couldn't finish but because we were leaving this morning at six to fly home I had to have the restaurant throw it out.  J had duck.   For desert we shared flour less chocolate cake with beat chips and strawberries.  The company was amazing.  They were all transplants but all very happy.  They all live within ten minutes of the hospital including the department head who bought 65 acres and then moved his brother and parents out to run a tiny family farm.  Their kids have all been happy.  Dr j said one of the things that really struck him at the hospital was how happy everyone was.  Oh and they like J.  After dinner I was chatting with the department head.  Several times during dinner he'd asked about where else we were interviewing.  After dinner he made his pitch to me about how much they'd love to have us come.  Then he laid it out there with a big smile on his face, he said, "Because of the holiday things might be a little delayed but you will have an offer for sure by next week, we really hope you'll take it.". So there you go folks, I'd call that an interview success!



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