Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Looking for a Towel Solution

I painted our kids bathroom last month and when I did I pulled the towel rack off and swore to never put it up again.  I hate towel racks.  I've lived in the Midwest for eleven years now.  Let me tell you something, folded in half towels never dry.  I've been a mother for ten years now. Let me tell you something else, most of my kids still can't reach to put their towel away and even the ones who can struggle to make them look nice.  Towel racks are a nightmare.  So I've been on a look out for new bathroom towel solutions.  I really wanted this shelf/hanger thing my friend Jessica had in her bathroom.  I've had zero luck finding anything like it. Today I found a hanger at IKEA that I could almost get behind.  It was just a piece of wood with five good sized knobs. The price of $30 was OK.  Not great but OK.  The knobs seemed big enough to be sturdy and easy for kid use.  The problem was the color.  I wasn't sold on the black with my oak cabinets and white mirror frame.  So I searched through the whole pile at the store.  They had no white.  They had a bright red and a cheap fake wood color.  It was at that point I started wishing I could find a black. This towel thing is driving me nuts....

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  1. I like seeing what solutions you come up with for your family.



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