Monday, November 3, 2014

A Growing Love of Animals

Gigi has always had an interest in animals but she has been a little about them.  This week though she's had so much exposure that I've really seen her interest blossom into love.  It started at Grandpa Bryant's house.  Grandpa has a puppy at his house.  When we walked in the door she was nervous but when Grandma Deb showed her all the tricks he do G bear was hooked!  By the time we left they were best of friends.  Then we went to aunt Cheri's house.  Cheri has a horse who lives in her back her back yard.  When G bear saw that horse she was in LOVE, IN LOVE!  She walked right our and started patting away.  Then she was feeding the horse apples off the apple tree that her uncle Doug was collecting.  Can I just say there is nothing more beautiful than my daughter and a horse.  I asked her later if she was scared at all.  She told me no.  I said, "but a horse is so big." "But it is so beautiful she told me.  I had to touch it.". I need to get this girl lessons.  I just need to.  Then we went to my moms house where there are two cats. For years G has told me that she hated cats, just despises them. But a fee hours of being there and she was chasing Willow around to pet her.  Yesterday I took my daughter to see my sister.  Her boxer mix Troy has been part of our family for the last ten years.  Gigi loved him.  Every five minutes G would come out of the room she was drawing in to hug Troy.  It was adorable!  So glad this girl is getting over her fear of animals, and finding the joy they offer!

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