Thursday, November 6, 2014

It Isn't a Secret, I'm Hispanic

Maybe people are going to think I'm being overly sensitive here, but it offends me when people think it is OK to diss Hispanics in front of me.  We were having a discussion today about how abysmally the state of Utah did on the standardized test they wrote for themselves since they decided to ditch the ones written for common core.  Heaven forbid a Republican State say "Hey let's not follow those other crazy states, let's save money and not rewrite the entire curriculum and testing and order more books."  I mean don't get me wrong I have a serious problem with the amount of testing being done in schools, but these states aren't shucking it, they're just reworking it a little and giving it a new name at the cost of a lot of tax payer money.  Wait I thought Republicans were all about not wasting government money....please someone say that to me, please....ok but whatever that's not what I wanted to argue about today.  Back on track, it was the Hispanic comment.  The person I was talking with (who I love dearly and still love) says to me, "well what do you expect with all the Hispanics here?".  People I almost died.  Just to set the record straight, I'm Hispanic.  When I pointed this out she said, " yeah but you were born in this country.". "First generation," I told her, "my father wasn't.".  I'd like to point out this is a fact based purely on luck.  Everyone please stop thinking you are so special or have personally done something great that makes it so you deserve to be born here.  The truth is you were just lucky, extraordinarily so, as was I.  Most of the world wishes they could be so lucky.  Why would you resent them for taking a chance.  I mean sure maybe they are affecting your test scores (although considering even the schools that did good still did sucky it might be time to look at your low funding and large class sizes....), but let's consider that when your ancestors and my ancestors came to this continent many pretty much stole everything they wanted and killed anyone who got in the way of their american dream.  I think we can agree it could be a lot worse. Can you tell this put me in a mood?  I guess I'm just saying look if you want to hate on Hispanic people that's your right but if you love me I'd appreciate if you didn't do it around me. 

And also maybe while we sit around our Thanksgiving tables this year maybe we can take just take a second to think about the outcome of that first Thanksgiving.  Did it really pay off being nice to the pilgrims?  My kids and I are studying pre Columbus America right now.  We are right up to 1491...people it is about to get downright nasty, like Grand Theft Auto horseland style nasty.  You remember that whole Hispanic thing, well that means I have Spanish blood, a fact my father likes to remind me of while rubbing his bald head....there is a good chance my family was responsible for some serious damage making their american dream.  There isn't a thing I can do about that now, except maybe be understanding of others trying to do so in a much more civilized manner. 

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  1. I appreciate this post! My wonderful brother-in-law is from Venezuela, and he's lived in the US since he was about 15. I would hate to think of people speaking like that in front of him (or my nephew)..and even thinking it really. Thank you for this reminder.

    And seriously I am wondering how I missed before that you were a homeschooling mom. Of course I haven't been reading your blog forever, but long enough. I hope you don't mind that i read it, by the way. Bridget posted a link awhile back, and I just sort of enjoyed reading your book reviews and perspectives on things. :)

    Oh, my sister home schools, too.



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