Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Living With My In-Laws

I've been staying with my in-laws for the last month.  It has been awesome...maybe not awesome for them, but I hope at least not horrible.  When we realized that Dr. J had two weeks vacation one month apart we were bummed out because it wasn't enough time to drive the whole family out to see our family but it was also at times of year where ticket prices were not cheap.  Here is a little secret...flying families of six on resident salaries = tight squeeze.  But we realized that if our families were willing we could drive out, Dr. J could fly home, and then a month later he could fly back out and after thanksgiving we could all drive home again.  So that's what we planned.  This plan though hinged on my in-laws being able to put up with us for a month.  SO far, so good.  My in-laws are great.  My mother-in-law and make dinner together, she plans play dates for my kids, and invites me along to her ward activities.  My father-in-law helps put my kids to bed, makes all our yummy Sunday dinners, and when the kids are getting wild and loud always tries to remind us that that is how kids are suppose to be.  They are actually going to be watching our kids next week so that we can go to J's first real interview.  I know a lot of people don't get along with their in-laws but mine are great.  I just see them as an extension of my own family.  I'm sure in two weeks when we finally leave they will be relieved to get back to their normal schedule and their quieter house, but I hope they've had as much fun as we have!

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  1. I'm glad you've got such wonderful inlaws. And I take it you have family nearby since you got together with cousins recently. Sounds like a great time for all!



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