Saturday, November 1, 2014


Something happened last month.  I packed up my van and me and my hubby drove two days to bring our kids home to the place of his birth and the place where most of our family still lives, Utah.  Then after three days of fun, I dropped him off at the airport so he could fly home and work for 30 days before flying back Thanksgiving week to do the whole thing again in reverse.  It is totally nuts, and with still 24 days to go I miss him but we had not brought our kids home in over years and we needed them to see their family.  Because we have so much family here and J only gets 7 day off vacation chunks, our trips are usually hurried to the point of being frantic.  This time thanks to the sacrifice of my mother in law who is letting us live in her basement for a month we have plenty of time to enjoy everyone's company.  Yesterday my sister in law brought her kids to my in-laws house so they could trick or treat with us.  It was lovely!  First off the weather was perfect.  Utah has had its share of snow Halloweens but this year it was 65 degrees easy.  None of my kids needed a jacket.  Meanwhile at home the temps were in the high 30s with rain and sleet...ouch!  High lights of the night included, being with cousins, having my brother, mom, and sister in law to help carry Cheetah, the house that had hot chocolate, donuts, and candy for kids and parents (let this be me someday when we have crawled out from under our debt), the Elsa who walked passed us and said to my Anna, "Anna I got nerds, what did you get?".


  1. Do you homeschool or maybe your kids have an intersession? Either that they have this Utah experience!



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