Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day Light Savings

Can we please just talk about Day Light Savings for a moment.  Yesterday I mentioned how education may or may not be falling apart in the great state of Utah.  No one in the state government really wants to talk about that, but what they do want to talk about Day Light Savings.  While I maybe think the prorities are a little screwed up, I can definitely agree that Day Light Savings Stinks!  I grew up in Arizona.  We don't do daylight entire life was fine, no problems.  I came to Utah and then I had to deal with Day Light Savings.  I move to Illinois more Day Light Savings.  I move to Indiana and there is more.  Look I'm not saying this is the issue of the century but is it really necessary.  It's inconvienent and it messes with my kids sleep schedule.  That is the main issue.  I'm a mom of four kids...things that mess with kids sleep schedule are bad, bad things!  I saw this trailer and I just had to laugh...woh hasn't been there :)

1 comment:

  1. You'd think after dealing with DST my whole life, I'd not have problems, but I hate it, too!



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