Friday, November 14, 2014

Cheap Fleece Lined Leggings

I love leggings.  I really do.  I was resistant for years.  My husband and I used to joke about all the no pants girls we'd see on campus.  Then I tried a pair on.  I'm just going to say it.  Leggings are the most comfortable thing I own.  Seriously!  Leggings and a tunic...there is not a single day of your life that is going to be more comfortable then that.  I like to think of them as pajama's you can get aways with wearing outside.  When we were travelling home from Kenya this summer I turned to leggings to make my trip more comfortable.  At seven in the morning I put a pair of leggings on.  We ate breakfast and then our driver picked us up.  That day we visited an Elephant Orphanage and did a safari in Nairobi.  Leggings kept me comfy in the car.  Our driver dropped us off that night around seven pm and we hung out in the airport until 11:30.  Then we got on a plane and took an eight hour flight to London.  Wearing leggings was like being in my pj's.  Once we were at Heathrow we took a train into London.  We did an eight mile walking tour you can read about here.  When it was done we limped back to Paddington station where once again we got on the train.  It was finally at that point that I traded my leggings for a dress I'd been carrying in my backpack just because I felt like 31 hours or so in the same outfit was enough but I'm telling you now that was the most comfortable travel I've ever had.  Now that it is winter, fleece lined leggings are great for wearing with boots and a tunic or under a skirt or dress.  They help keep you toasty and comfy.  I saw this great deal floating around facebook at HowDoesShe today.  It's with a company Secret Catch.  I don't know if this is a daily deal site or they are there until they are gone but you can get two pairs, put them in your cart and then use the code HDSLEGS (I'm guessing it stands for HowDoesSheLegs).  It gives you one pair for free.  No shipping.  If you live in Utah you are going to pay a little tax...two pairs of leggings for like 14.50.  If you live in Indiana two pairs for 13.99.  Enjoy. 


  1. Okay. I went for it. Since all I ever wear now is yoga pants anyway.

    I will admit that the 0-12 sizing has me a bit nervous...but I guess they just stretch out to whatever size...

  2. I love pattern leggings like this! I remember I was told by a friend that I must wear these leggings to the gym as it will help in hiding the garment line underneath. It is actually very true, it is also less distracting for others in the gym. I liked your post! It has very good content.



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