Friday, December 9, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 42 Five Week Old Video

So I can say that my daughter definitely does not like to sleep during the hours of nine and midnight...which would probably be ok if I wasn't trying to get at least a little sleep in there to make up for all the crazy driving around I do.  Last night I spent most of my night sleeping in the hospital recliner....I'm thinking this is going to be a must have for this little one.  Tonight for our Advent Activity we are going to the ward party, and then I'm heading off to the hospital.  Just a week left of this crazy schedule and then Davy will be gone and Dr. Daddy will be on night shift and it will be Christmas and the kids still won't be allowed in her room and this schedule won't work anymore.  I was really stressed about it.  Like, she had to get it right this week and next and come home because I just couldn't let this happen.  And then I just let it go.  You know ideally she would and I'd bring her home and my kids Christmas vacation would be a dream of just hanging out in the house with the whole family.  But I realized it is up to Cheetah and I can't force her, beg her, or really do anything to help this along and so I just had to let it go.  I'm doing the crazy schedule this week and next to give her the best chance but if it doesn't work and she has to go on the bottle and she doesn't come home for Christmas and I can't go and see her nearly so much, well it is just going to have to not be the end of the world.  There is one month until her due date and I have to hope that for sure she'll be home by then.  


  1. You have a good attitude about it. It sucks you are torn in two (or more) these last 42+ days. May you continue to be strong and hang in there. The Lord is watching over you and the little one. :)

  2. I loved the video... she's so precious... and starting to just look like a normal baby... not a preemie anymore!



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