Thursday, December 8, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 41 First Bath

This whole scheduled eating thing isn't all it is cracked up to be.  Turns out my child has zero interest in sleeping between the hours of nine and midnight.  Turns out my child has zero interest in being asleep between the hours of midnight and six.  Unfortunately she has to eat during one of those times and I'd like to sleep during the other.  Babies :)  Last night cheetah was having trouble with her temp, it was a little low and then we heard her sneeze a couple of times.  It could be nothing but we are now on high alert watching for a cold.  Preemies are so interesting, you're constantly watching every little thing. I guess it makes me a baby stalker.  On Sunday Cheetah got her first real bath.  We had to wait for her umbilici to fall off and it took longer then any of the other kids because of the lines they ran through it.  Dr. J actually was the first one in the room and they offered the bath to him, but I think he knew I was feeling a little down because he asked the nurses to save it for me.  It's kind of funny.  All of other kids I was the first one to hold, but with Cheetah I offered the chance to Dr. J because he was struggling and I thought he really needed the opportunity to calm himself down.  Then with all the other kids Dr. J was the first one to give them a bath, but I think he recognized I needed it, and so he saved it for me.  And so our baby got her first bath.  Don't you love the tub.  Seriously someone ordered a bunch of Rubbermaid containers, put thermometers on them, slapped on a label and sold them for a ton to NICUs around the country.  Totally ridiculous and also an amazing money maker.  Wish I would have thought of it.  She hated her bath.  Some crying, some quiet acceptance.  It was fun and she smelled so good after.  I love that new clean baby smell.  

In the rest of the house.  Yesterday Gigi made an entire meal of lettuce.  She is so weird. I predict she will be vegetarian by eight.  Captain E brought me back 28.25 from secret Santa.  I'd given him 30 to buy gifts for the family at the Santa's Workshop at school.  He decided he only needed 1.75.  He gave me the rest of the money.  Turns out he's just like his daddy...frugal.

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