Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 40 The roots of sibling rivalry?

So this momma is tired.  I mean I just am.  My schedule is a little nuts and that probably has something to do with it.  It's made possible by the likes of Dr. J, my little bro who happens to be present at the moment, my friend Jamie who takes Gigi to preschool ever day, the nurses at the hospital, and glorious friends who bring dinner three times a week to take some of the pressure off.  Otherwise we'd be sunk...or a least a little more haggard and dirty.  I think part of the problem is trying to get stuff together for Christmas.  I don't want it to be a total blow out, but it is taking up some of my free time (ie, nap time).  So right now this momma is a little tired and while she's functioning fine she isn't always functioning happy.  For proof ask Gigi who came up against momma when she didn't like the shirt choices she was offered or Captain E who was chewed out for staying in bed and not getting dressed this morning.  Mama's fuse is a little shorter then normal.  And then you think about sibling rivalry, not only did your little sibling come in and take some of your time with your parents, your toys, your possibility at the biggest cupcake, etc, but they also stole your mom and replaced her with captain grouchy pants.  What a way to start a relationship :)

Speaking of new relationships, how about Cheetahs and her mouth only feedings...not looking like the best one yet.  We had to pull back on some of the feedings and do some supplementation with the NG tube.  Poor little Cheetah was just getting exhausted.  To go from having all your food passively given to you to being expected to provide all your food for yourself in a week, and continue to gain weight was a little much for the poor wee one.  She had lost about 20 grams in her weigh in last night.  It is hard to know if this is actually a set back or if we just pushed her a little bit to hard.  She is still a good nurser and I really enjoy that time together although I'd prefer it in my own bed with my hubby beside me.  We'll have to see how she does today and what her weight is this evening.

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