Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preemie Life - Day 39

For those of your following this blog, last night was a success.  Yes I'd forgotten how little sleep you actually get feeding a "newborn", yes the sheets were itchy, yes it was hard to fall asleep with so much light and noise but we worked it out and were very successful.  1) You just get used to not sleeping.  2) Exhaustion makes it easy to forget things like itchy sheets.  3) Thank you iPod.  Listening to Enya was enough to relax out the noise of the nurses and the equipment but not to much to block out the sounds of Cheetah.  It is amazing to me how as a mom when you are with a baby you just start sleeping much less soundly, always on a alert for what needs to be done!  She did four feedings last night.  She did have one Brady during two of the feedings but they were both short and she recovered almost as it was happening.  She did have some difficultly staying warm last night but I think that's because she keeps working her arms out of the swaddle and pulling her hat off.  Silly baby!  In an effort to keep the holiday spirit alive and well for our other children we've been doing our activity advent calendar.  Totally loving it!  Not much makes kids happier then crafts.  Here we are enjoying a a few.

Making bow wreaths   

 Cheetah in on the Holiday Fun!
 Candy cane reindeer.  Thank goodness for low heat glue guns.  Everything sticks and kids don't get burned putting stuff on!
 Uncle D getting a little more creative.  
 Dr.  J staying a little more traditional   
 G following D.
 E going for a more is more theme!
Even Peach enjoyed getting in on the glue gunning action!
A little video action of our Santa dice game.


  1. That advent sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe you posted this already, but where did you get all your ideas from?

  2. Tiff, I got the calendar here and she has all the printables linked, and then ones I don't like I just replace with something else.




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