Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 Years Ago Today ...

After an easy 7 hour labor, cheeky and spunk entered my life topped with a whole bunch of hair.  I knew from the second I got married I was waiting for a son and I love him dearly but the birth of my first daughter Gigi fulfilled a life long wish.  I am the oldest of four girls and I knew pretty much from childhood that my life would not be complete without a daughter of my own.  Gigi entered the world full of piss and vinegar, screaming out her little lungs, her face bright red with the effort, Dr. J and I had to laugh when we saw her full head of hair.  From birth she was ultra aware.  She never behaved in typical newborn fashion but instead was exceptionally strong, holding her head up and constantly watching the goings on of her brother.  She was a horrible eater.  Only getting what she needed to be satisfied in the moment, shortly needing more. She was a nightmare to co-sleep with.  She would scrunch and turn until she had managed to get herself perpendicular to the bed.  She'd would lay wide awake and claw at my face as soon as I fell asleep.  She was always on the move.  She was walking right before she turned eight months old.  She could hold her body weight up on the monkey bars at ten months.  She never had a poop diaper after six months but would instead hold her poops until I put her on the potty.  As a toddler she moved into a grouchy phase.  She didn't talk until she was three years old and when she wasn't able to get her point across would rage through the house like a wild animal.  It was a difficult time for both of us and I prayed constantly for her to find her voice.  By four she was finally communicating and had started to grow into her name.  Not the most attractive baby, my daughter has grown into a child of grace and goodness.  She is a long legged beauty with an infectious smile and half moon eyes that light up the room.  Her birthday fell right smack in the middle of my own personal crisis.  Mom was gone half the day and the party she had longed for never materialized, but instead of being bitter she has spent the day in play, laughing and entertaining Peach, singing songs to us all and fill the house with laughter and light.  I love my darling Gigi.  She is a bright spot in this world and I'm so grateful I was blessed to be her mother.  

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  1. I love your Gigi too! She is so sweet... I miss her and wish I were there right now to give her a big hug and a kiss! OXO



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