Monday, March 24, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

So I mentioned before that we don't really do characters for holidays but I do like to do a little something to celebrate the holiday.  My parents were always like that.  When I was a kid we'd always get a rose and a tiny box of chocolates from our parents on Valentine's Day.  It always made me feel special and I told my husband even before we had kids that traditions were part of what makes families great and I hold to that!  I love our traditions.  I love our Fancy Family Valentine's Day Dinner.  I love our Birthday Cake  Anniversary.  I love our Saturday Easter. I love reading a story before bed.  I love our Sunday walks in the summer.  I love our movie and game nights.  I love our Dance Dance parties.  Traditions are the things you do over and over that join you as a team.  They make you feel special and while not all efforts are equal or even need to be equal I think some effort goes a long way in building a happy family.
I like to do a little something on St. Patrick's Day.  I don't dye the whole house green or play a lot of tricks but I do try to make sure the kids are wearing green before I send them out of the house and I think it is fun to give them a little treat on the table.  This year Captain E requested a licorice rainbow I first did after finding it pinned two years ago.  I bag of rainbow licorice and a bag of Rolos and I was set.  Two years ago I bought cute bags.  This year I stuck them in ziplocks I already had.  There was enough candy to make five.  The kids loved it.  Cheetah ate every piece of candy she had on the spot, even throwing her Rolos in her breakfast, yum?  Peach ate most of her candy.  Captain E, Gigi, and Dr. J took theirs to school to enjoy at lunch.  We also painted our nails green and had crock pot corned beef and cabbage for dinner.  That is one of Gigi's favorite meals but it is so salty I try and limit it to just once a year.  

Crock Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage
Wash 5-8 potatoes and cut into wedges.  Throw into crock pot with a bag of baby carrots.  Add 1 cup of water.  Put corned beef on top.  Cook on high for 8 hours. One hour before serving stir in some cabbage leaves.  Enjoy.


  1. Those rainbows are too cute! I totally plan on copying next year, but of course most of my plans never happen, so we'll see...

    If you're ever driving west, we're right off of I-80 and could give you the whole basement. :) Miss you guys!

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