Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nuvaring Ring Review Finale

This is another, TOO MUCH INFO YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW, TMI.  So remember my review on the nuvaring.  Monday I went back to my OB to talk about it.  "So, how has it been going?" she asked me.  "Well," I say, "I've been bleeding for the last month."  This is totally true.  Remember when I said that the first month I bleed for 14 days, well this second month I bleed for the entire month.  I started bleeding on the 13th of February and here we are the 13th of March and I'm still bleeding.  "Ok," she says, "this is not working."  Then she pulls out her prescription pad.  "I know you haven't taken the pill in ten years.  Let's try it again and see if maybe this time it will work for you."  In my head I'm kind of screaming at this point because I hate hormones and I picked the ring because it has the lowest hormone levels, but then she says the words that put major fear in my heart, "It looks like for whatever reason your uterus isn't absorbing the hormones like it should, so I'm going to need you take a pregnancy test on Sunday before you start the pill."  "WHAT THE???"  If this is a risk why the heck isn't it on the packaging in big letters, why isn't it online because you know I looked up "bleeding all month while using the ring", why didn't you tell me this before I left your office??  Luckily the chances I'm guessing are pretty darn small because guess what, people who are on periods for a month just don't want to have sex all that often.  But this is what my cart looked like today at the grocery store.  Pads because of course I'm still bleeding.  Thanks a lot nuvaring/my body.  My new pills.  I'm still not excited about this but I'm willing to give it a couple months mainly because I can tell you there is no way I want to be first trimester pregnant while on a 20 hour plane flight.  So I have my new pills.  I'll be honest I don't have a lot of hope from them but maybe this misery will be what I need to get to that 100% time to get the big V hubby of mine.  I got my preggo test that I have to take before I start taking my pills.  I have the condoms we are suppose to use for the first month until the pills work.  Can I just say I'm so tired of birth control.  Final verdict on the isn't for me.  I can't help but wonder if the absorption problem means I would also have a problem with mirena.  WORLD COME UP WITH SOME BETTER OPTIONS, SOMETHING NEW!  I'M DESPERATE HERE!  WE ARE ALL DESPERATE!  Just on sort of a birth control related note, last night dr. J and I watched this vasectomy video.  If you are squeamish I would not suggest watching it (or if you are male because lets face it what male isn't a little squeamish about his testicles) but it was seriously amazing.  The whole procedure takes about ten minutes, there is almost no blood, the patient is chatting.  I'm telling you people when we are sure, this is the way we are going to go.  At one point though G bear walked in and saw a bit.  "Mom, I don't ever want that done to my vas deferens."  Dr. J and I had a good laugh at that.  Living in a medical home, our kids are going to be so weird.

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