Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dinner With Daddy

Call days can be hard on the whole family and when they happen on the weekends they can be especially difficult.  The kids love their dad, their dad loves a little rest, the mom loves a little adult conversation, all of which gets shoved to the side on call days.  This Saturday Dr J was on call at the hospital Cheetah was born at, in fact this whole month he's been working in the NICU that was her home for the first two months of her life.  Because it was a weekend we decided to head over to eat dinner with him.  I had a little anxiety about driving out the see him.  The last time I had to park in that parking garage, about a year after Cheetah was born, I had a little bit of an anxiety attack.  After all we are talking about the entrance and exist of every day of the worst 60 days of my life.  I cried in that lot so many times that for a long time it held really bad memories for me.  But it is nice to note that two years later I could drive into that parking lot without feeling my heart get tight. I could walk down those long halls with all four of my kids filled with excitement about seeing daddy and not with resentment and fear.  Daddy took us to the doctors lounge to eat because there is free hot chocolate in there.  I'm sure the two guys working on notes were "thrilled" to have us in there.  We ate dinner, watched a little basketball, and just enjoyed spending some time with dad.  When we left we ran into one of the fellows J is working with.  "You brought all four kids down here by yourself," she said, " my hubby won't even bring just our two."  Sometimes thought it is easier to brave the crazy then stay home alone just one night more :)

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