Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Angi

Happy Birthday to my baby sister Angi.  Does anyone else find it disturbing when their younger siblings turn ages older then they themselves feel?  I sort of just never want to be older than 25, but as my younger siblings pass that number it is getting harder and harder for me to pretend I'm still there.  My sister Jo turned 31 last month.  My sister Flee turned 26.  My sister Ang is 29.  Who are these beautiful ladies replacing my teenage sisters?  Happy Birthday to my little sister.  To all my little sisters really.  I've done a horrible job of remember birthdays this year.  I'll talk about them earlier in the month but on the day of I always forget to call.  I blame it on the fact that I never actually know what the date is.  Today my brother in law had to send me a text reminding me today was the 12th.  Jokes on him though.  He posted this lovely picture of a pizza wishing my sister a happy birthday on his instagram.  Turns out she and I are his only followers.  So I'm sending this out to the whole blog world.  Happy Birthday Angi!  May you have many more great years to come and many more great pizzas!  

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