Friday, November 10, 2017

Random pics from Grandma and Granpa's visit.

 When Grandma and Grandpa were here we took the kids to a Brazilian Grill.  My oldest of course complained a ton about it, "Why can't we just go someplace normal."  Turns out everyone loved this place.  They bring you meat.  They have cheese puff breads.  There is a salad bar.  What is not to love.  We also went to the water park but because I refused to take my phone with me there are zero pictures.  Thank goodness.  J got me to go down one of the crazy slides.  My eyes were so big he said it made his life.  I did grab a couple pictures at Grandma and Grandpa's hotel pool. 

 I didn't bring any swim trunks for Mr Squish but he kept crawling to the edge so much that his clothes ended up soaked. 

 This was after the water park.  Can you tell what he is doing.  This ended up going all over the floor.  It was a disaster. 

 Before they moved Peach got to go to her best friend from Indiana's birthday party.  We really will miss them.  I hope someday we get to live in the same state again. 

Me and my mom.  I ordered this shirt for myself.  It was a 2xl.  Um...not really.  This thing was so tiny that my tiny mom fit it perfectly.  My loss was her gain but I am super sad I missed out on the shirt.  

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