Wednesday, November 1, 2017


 Halloween moves my little heart.  It is the beginning of the Holiday season and I Love it.  The day started with the kids dressing up for school.  Their school picks a book each year for the kids to pick costumes from.  This year they picked Journey to the Center of the Earth.  There are only three main characters in the book.  They are male.  The two girls in the story were a fiance and a maid.  It just didn't work for me.  Luckily I saw some dinosaur hats at the dollar store.  All my kids were thrilled. 
 Trick or treating this year was also a blast.  We did the Wizard of Oz this year, all except Captain E who wanted to be an Ice Climber.  The kid is 13 and in 8th grade so I said sure.  His trick or treat days are numbered.  We had dinner with Peach's friend from dance and her family.  It was yum.  Amazingly both our hubbies were home.  Do you remember back in the day when all the kids ran by themselves.  Those days are gone.  Almost every kid had parents with them.  The thing is parents love Halloween too!

Dr J dressed like Doctor Who the night before at work and when he got home I looked like this.  The girls insisted that I be the Tin Man with them but they didn't own my morning.  J and I had just finished Stranger Things 2 and I was obsessed.  We went to three places with me dressed like this.  J teased me people probably just thought I was making fashionable fashion choices :)  The funny thing is no one recognized him either.  The nurses just thought he was dressed super snazzy!

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