Friday, November 3, 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences Two, Three, Four

I feel like I deserve a trophy.  After Cheetah's conference in the morning I went back to the school twice more for three more conferences.  First came GGs.  Her teacher says, she's lovely.  She loves reading and art.  Her favorite subject is recess.  Does this even count as a subject?  All my kids mentioned it though, so what are you going to do.  She has a tendency to get discouraged when concepts are hard.  I don't know how to help her with this.  Her teacher is working with her on it though so hopefully she has more success.  Then I headed over to Peach's class.  Her teacher adores her.  She says she wishes she could take her home.  In fact if she ever disappears, she's taken her...that was just a tiny bit creepy but she is a lovely kid.  She said she can be a bit chatty (no surprise there but that all the kids are chatty and when her teacher ask her to stop she always does.  Both girls are doing great in reading and math.  I then got to come home and then head back to school after dinner with Captain E.  The junior high and high school kids did their own child lead conferences.  They had a portfolio with their grades, an evaluation of their work, and then their goals.  E has straight A's so his goals were like, "keep doing what I'm doing."  :)  I love the kid's school.  It has been a real blessing for Captain E and I'm so glad we found it and were able to lottery all our kids into it!

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