Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I bought my 13 year old a phone.

I'm sitting in a parking lot waiting for Captain E to call me and tell me he's ready to be picked up.  Yes I finally caved and bought my 13 year old a phone.  I went basic old school.  It does calls and text but old school texts.  It is like one of those old Nokia phones where each number stands for three letters.  It doesn't have an picture capabilities but it also only cost $19 every three months.  I went back and forth on this but I'm just not ready to put a smartphone in my teenagers hands.  He already has plenty of access to the internet.  It is on our TV, our Ipads, Alexa, our phones, his ipod, our computers but right now we are very careful about keeping those things in common areas.  I'd like to protect him for a few more years if possible, give his brain a little more time to develop and be better able to risk access.  Also cost wise this was just a lot more affordable way to go.  The phone was 19 dollars.  If he loses it, who cares.  There is no motivation for someone to steal it.  If it gets wet or dropped it is easy to replace.  The plan is also dirt cheap.  I know the day is coming when he will want a smartphone but that day isn't here yet and I'm glad!


  1. I'm enjoying your posts, Glenda! :)

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