Sunday, November 5, 2017

Peach Gets Baptized

 I realized yesterday when I was reading the blogs of a few friends that I'd never written about Peach's baptism.  It was a lovely affair.  She was baptized August 5th, 2017.  My mom and papa Rhys, Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bob, Grandpa Bryant and Grandma Deb came from Utah for the event.  Our great friend Erin, her husband and her four daughters also attended.  Her daughter and Peach have been best friends since they were three so it was so nice to be in the same state for a bit. 

I had a little debate about her baptism dress. For weeks and weeks I planned on buying another one but because I couldn't find one sold locally I was going to have to buy it online.  I looked at dress after dress and couldn't find one I loved but I had this adorable dress in the closet that Gigi wore.  Eventually I asked Peach and Gigi if they thought it would be okay for Peach to wear it as well.  It just seemed like a shame for it not to get more use from it.  They both agreed.  The program was planned by another ward.  In our stake there are so many kids that get baptized that actually half the stake does morning and the other half does evening.  We were the evening group.  There were three other kids scheduled to be baptized that evening and it was another wards turn to plan the program.  The woman giving the baptism talk went on and on and on about how her father couldn't get her down all the way into the water and finally just shoved her all the way to the bottom (we do baptisms by full immersion in our church).  It seemed so weird at the time, almost funny but also just really repetitive but it ended up being prophetic. After the songs and the talk we split off and Peach got to be the first one baptized.  Our family and friends went into the room adjacent to the font.  Papa Rhys and Grandpa Bryant were the witnesses.  I went back into the dressing room with Peach and watched her walk into the water but something funny happened.  When Gigi wore the dress two years ago it just got wet and clung to her body but when Peach walked into the water the thing puffed up.  It was like trying to force a balloon down into the water.  My guess is something fundamentally changed about the fabric when I washed and dried it after Gigi's baptism and now it repelled water with a vengeance.  We had her get out of the water and back in.  It was just as bad.  Dr. J tried to push it under.  Peach tried to hold it between her legs.  It wouldn't stay.  Finally J just started in on the prayer.  When he was finished he told her to take a deep breath and then he shoved her all the way down to the bottom of the font.  When she came back up they were both soaked but she was grinning from ear to ear.  He said later that he just thought about that woman's talk and went for it. 

I helped her quickly change and then we went to another room with just our party so she could receive the Holy Ghost.  It was so nice to be with people we love and Peach was so happy.  We love our little Peach.  She is such a good girl, a great daughter, a loving sister, and good friend, and thoughtful and kind person.  We feel so lucky to have her in our family. 

Here is her recollection from her diary:
I had the perfect baptism day.  There was a blood moon after and we played archery.  There were blood clouds.  One of the perfect things was we now have a funny memory.  The dress puffed up and Dad and I had to keep shoving it down.  I walked back out and back in and the dress kept puffing.  Eventually dad just had to push me down really deep.  When I came out of the water I told mom that I felt so farm on the outside from the water and on the inside.  It felt good to get a blessing from dad and to receive the Holy Ghost.  It was fun to have family and friends here.  It was nice everyone came for my baptism. 

Here are some thoughts by her Grandparents

Your Grandpa and I are very proud of your choice to be baptized.  We love you and want the best for you always.  Love Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda

I am so proud of you and your decision to be baptized.  Papa Rhys and I love you.  Your Heavenly Father loves you and is proud of you too!  Nana and Papa Rhys

You have taken one of the most important steps in your young life.  We are proud of you and love you very much.  Love Grandpa and Grandma Slade

My kids have a lovely great aunt who makes them a special towel for their special day.


  1. I'm glad you wrote about this! So funny about her dress. Maybe it was fabric softener? That can make fabrics repel water.

    We just had Miriam do the jumpsuit (as you know), which she was super not pleased about (because those things are hideous) but at least there's no risk of a ballooning effect. :D

    1. I never use fabric softener because I like scratchy clothes and static (lol) but I think it must have been something like this. J say's when Cheetah gets baptized she has to wear the jumpsuit. She can get confirmed in the dress. Apparently he doesn't want a repeat of trying to touch the bottom of the font. haha

  2. Love the story! Congrats to her!

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