Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Re-crisp wilted lettuce

This happens to me probably once every two months...wilted lettuce.  Sometimes it is because no one bothered to put it away overnight and sometimes it is just because this is the nature of lettuce.  My friend Nancy mentioned this super amazing trick of keeping lettuce fresh by wrapping it in foil.  It actually works great, as does wrapping the bottom in a damp paper towel and then placing the whole thing in a gallon zip lock bag.  In fact I would stay that works just a smidgen better.  A little tip, just in case you are like me and like to buy the huge bag of romaine heads at Costco.  But what can you do if your chopped lettuce is already wilted.  For years I just used to toss the stuff, but a few years ago I realized that I could re-hydrate the lettuce pretty easily.  Here in the silver bowl is some chopped lettuce doctor J left on the counter overnight.  Thanks Dr. J.  I came downstairs and saw this but decided I wanted to  re-hydrate it for dinner that night.  In the morning I just threw the wilted lettuce into my salad spinner and covered it with cool water.  I put the salad spinner in the fridge.  That night I pulled the basket out of the salad spinner, dumped the water out, put the basket back in and spun off the water.  Hurrah, crisp lettuce!  

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