Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Technically we didn't dye any Easter eggs until a week after Easter.  It took me that long to get two dozen eggs together and to find the dye I didn't use last year.  But this is the internet, and if we can pretend Britney Spears doesn't have cellulite on her thighs then we can certainly give this mother of four a break and pretend this Easter egg dye day happened before Easter.  The kids were super excited to dye eggs this year.  I think it was two fold.  One, who doesn't love a messy art project?  Two, all three of my older kids loved hard boiled eggs.  I don't really get it.  I think they are ok, but find the yokes a little overwhelming.  Not so for these three, they relish the opportunity to eat them.  I think the fact that they were asking for weeks if they could do it also heightened the enjoyment, so much so that when I only made up three of the dye tablets instead of the nine that came in the pack there was zero complaint.

Peach taking her egg dying duties very seriously.

 This is Captain E's I'm happy and smiling for you voice.  When will I get a normal picture of this kid again?

 And again with the pink dye.

What do you think of Peach's bedhead.  Doesn't matter what I do I can't control that fine mist of crazy hair. Even if I wet it down and brush it out a few seconds in the car seat or on the couch is all it takes to get this fro going again.  She looks like I rub her head on a balloon every morning.

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