Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preemie Life- day 186, 6 Months Old, 4 Months Adjusted

When Cheetah, my Little Rose was born she nearly broke my heart.  The anxiety and unknown of being stuck at the hospital not knowing when she would be born, the fear for her health when she came so early and small, the heart ache of leaving the hospital empty handed, the frustration of having her in the hospital for months, other people telling me what I could and could not do with my child, everyday was full of heartache and tears.  What a difference a half a year makes.  Now my sweet baby is not only home and surviving, but she is thriving.  She is on par with her adjusted birth stats and milestones and so quickly gaining on her actual birth date expectations that her doctors like to joke she has completely forgotten she was a preemie.  At 13lbs 8 1/2 ounces and 24 3/4 inches she is in the 50th percentile for weight and 60th for height for a four month old.  For a six month old she's creeped onto the charts falling in right around the 10th percentile for both.  She babbles all the time.  Sunday in Young Woman's she started during the song and continued through the whole lesson.  She makes a sound that sounds exactly like Captain E's name.  He gets the biggest kick out of that.  Her cry sounds just like she's saying "mum....", pulls at my heart strings every time.  She sleeps through the night like a champ.  Her last nurse of the evening usually being around nine o'clock.  Then we put her in her own bed where she sleeps until somewhere between five and six when she wakes up again to eat and sleep in bed with mom and dad.  When she wakes up for the day at seven she gives us big smiles and will kick her legs and slap her hands onto the bed to let us know how happy she is.  Her smile is HUGE and she'll give it to any person who walks by and smiles her way.  She rolls and inch worms herself all over the floor and if you put her down and walk away for a sec when you come back she'll be somewhere else.  She is up on her hands and knees now, rocking back and forth.  She'll be crawling within the month.  She loves to chew on everything, her whole fist, any cloth she can get her hands on, fingers of those passing by.  Her hair is starting to thicken back up again after almost completely falling out, with the exception of this little patch in the front that will sometimes curl up into a little wave.  Very 1883.  Her favorite hair style for me, a side braid.  She loves to wrap her hand in the tail end of it while she's nursing, her eyes trained on my face.  Her eyes are hazel, a brown green mix.  I don't know if they will stay that color but if they do every one of our children will have a different color of eye.  E, blue, G Bear, gray, Peach, light brown, Rosie hazel.  It's odd how different our children look from each other but it does make finding the similarities more fun.  The only things left to worry about, getting her to start eating solid foods.  She is a champion nurser but doesn't take a bottle at all and so we'll be working with speech to make sure she transitions to solid foods adequately.  Keeping an eye on her hip.  Because she was breech the doctors have some concern about her hips.  They did an x-ray a month ago and they seemed a little off but the ortho guy said there is a good chance that is due to her prematurity and her bones calcifying a little later then normal.  Her eyes.  Sometimes one of her little eyes seems a little lazy but that might be trying to compensate for being a little farsided in the other eye.  They are keeping a close eye on her eyesight and there is a 50% chance she'll ended up needing glasses, but then so did grandma and dad so who knows, that couldn't have happened anyway.  All in all we've been so blessed.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe in a God waiting to pour blessings upon us.  I believe in the strength of loving family and friends.  She is our little miracle baby, bringing joy to all her siblings and her parents everyday.  We are so grateful to have her as a member of our family and so thankful to everyone who helped in any way with talking care of our family while I and she were in the hospital or who kept us in their prayers.


  1. What wonderful milestones to celebrate! It sounds like she is doing just what she should, nursing, growing, laughing, babbling and smiling at her momma. Each day is precious with these little ones, even when they come with the extra stress of being preemies. Mine are now 10 years old, and no one would guess they were born early. In another two years they will probably be taller than me. :-)

  2. Oh so so so so so so cute! I love her little rosebud lips and that mischievious look... adorable!



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