Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three Easter Dresses and the Dude

The traditional Easter picture.  Why is it so hard to get a picture of all of my kids?   I'm not asking for professional shots here, just one where all four are looking.  We went with a polk a dot theme, and flowers in the hair.  The girls love their dresses.  Peach had to wear a shirt under hers.  Dad doesn't mind shoulders showing but nipples hanging out, where that is where he draws the line.  G bear was ok because unlike the sundress she wore to church two months ago the neck was too narrow for her to pull it down to her waist.  That was the moment dad made the no nipples in church rule :)
Darn those blue eyes...even in the shade it's to bright to look.
Peach, "Mom look at my ears."
Peach, "Why aren't you looking?"
BEST ONE IN THE BUNCH!!!!!  Captain E and baby Rosie (another nickname we have for cheetah).  Peach and Gigi are smiling...even if they aren't looking right at me.
Peach, "I'm done with this."
Mom I will be getting down soon.  


  1. So beautiful! I love the tender way that E is holding on to everyone!

  2. "No nipples at church rule.". Thanks for the epic laugh!



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