Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip To the Zoo

The last full day of our trip to Utah we managed to sneak in a trip to the zoo with my family!  So much fun and I'm so glad my sisters could come as well.  

 I think my sisters are some of the most beautiful woman on the planet.  Are my kids lucky to have such good looking aunts!

 My kids and their nana!
 Uncle David loves the babies.  He'll make a great dad someday.  

 Cutest baby ever :)
 Nana got new iphones for Christmas.  They definitely kept the kids entertained.  At one point we had David, Daniel, and my mom's iphones all being used by my three oldest.  What can I say, my kids love technology!

 Hanging out with my Aunt Jo.


  1. Your sisters ARE beautiful! And so obviously YOUR sisters! I love to see the sibling similarities. Me and my brother have NONE. As in NONE. That baby of yours is looking so cute!

  2. Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! There are certainly plenty of smiles to go around on beautiful aunts and grandmas, and an obviously doting uncle. You and your kids are blessed to have such a supportive and loving family!



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