Thursday, April 5, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know - Coolest Cover Ever And Chance to Win the song

True confession.  My brother and I watch Glee together.  It's a little embarrassing.  The story lines unrealistic, the music overproduced, the guest stars total cheese, and we both hate RACHEL.  Every episode I swear I'm never watching it again, and then I do.  I was raised on musicals and pretty much wish my life had a sound track.  Ridiculous I know...but this is all just back drop really for my true point of this post, which is the song, Somebody That I Used to Know.  Today my brother in an attempt to entice me to watch "just one more episode" sent me this...

How have I never heard this song?  Loved it from the first note!!!!!!  The music feels so quirky and simple, the perfect backdrop for all the beautiful runs.  The lyrics instantly tapped pain of a previous relationship.  I had to hear the full song, which lead me here to the original artist, Gotye.  Watch out the crazy Aussie is naked :)

Then I found this one...very cool accapella version.

And finally that lead me to THE COOLEST COVER EVER..........

I MEAN CAN WE NOT AGREE THAT IS AWESOME!  TALK ABOUT A ONE INSTRUMENT BAND :)  Music is a powerful art form.  Open to many interpretation it possess the ability to stir our emotions, bring us to remembrances, and give voice to our experiences.  There is a science to music.  Turns out we get a hit of dopamine from the good stuff, and if you're interested in why, you can check it out on none other than NPR.  For fun, first person who can tell me the first initial of the man I thought of when I first heard the chorus, I'll send you a free download of whichever version you prefer.


  1. Did you see/hear of the most recent version that was on the voice sung by Lindsey Pavao? You should look it up. I think you'll like it. I have multiple guesses... D

  2. That was an incredible musical journey... I loved it! And I didn't see her response before I put mine in!

  3. I love that song!!! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Cool! never heard the song before. Jacob was also impressed by the last one. I'm going to guess B because lots of guys names start with B. Also J.



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